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Cyanide Studios Offers Some Call of Cthulhu Insights

During E3, RPGamer’s Charalampos Papdimitriou had the chance to chat with a pair of developers from Cyanide Studios regarding its upcoming horror RPG Call of Cthulhu. Players will begin their eldritch investigations later this year.

Cyberpunk 2077 E3 Impression

There were plenty of good games at this year’s E3 but none put attendees in their place more than Cyberpunk 2077. One wishes that everyone could see its demo, but for now we hope that these words adequately convey the experience.

GreedFall E3 Impression 2

It looks like there’s finally land in sight for GreedFall. After hearing from the game’s lead writer and finally seeing it in action for ourselves, the game can finally leave an earnest impression. But is it enough to make us want more, more, more?

Galak-Z: Variant S E3 Impression

Try new Galak-Z: Variant S, now with more bot customization and less roguelike elements than ever before. Come for the one hundred bite-sized missions, then stay for the asynchronous PvP.

Indivisible E3 Impression

Sure, a game in which a young girl absorbs dozens of her closest allies sounds like a dark and macabre tale, but one look at Lab Zero’s Indivisible is enough to prove this assumption false. In fact, it only took a few hands-on minutes to win me over with its bright visuals and sharp humor.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars E3 Impression

Tabletop games and RPGs are natural bedfellows, so adapting a rule-intensive miniatures game to a digital format seems like a match made in heaven. Even in a rough, somewhat overwhelming showing, it’s easy to see where the appeal in Necromunda lies.

Underworld Ascendant E3 Impression

Underworld returns after a decades-long absence with the freeform gameplay it’s known for, and, sure, Ascendant does all of that. But the real reason this one impressed lies in another, quite different direction.

Little Dragon’s Café E3 Impression

There’s a dragon, there’s a cafe, and there’s a whole wide world to explore with plenty of ingredients and recipes to scoop up. Read our impression to discover how it all fits together, and whether we’ve discovered a new recipe.

Kingdom Hearts III E3 Impression 2

I have always been baffled by Kingdom Hearts even though its something that should appeal to me. Then Square Enix attendants accidentally sent me to the wrong kiosk desk so I had the opportunity to play the upcoming third entry.