Octopath Traveler Prologue Now Available, Showcased at E3

The recently-announced prologue demo for Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler is now available to download for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo held two Treehouse Live livestreams showcasing the game, with producer Masashi Takahashi and director Keisuke Miyauchi making guest appearances. The first presentation introduces the early portions of the game when players only have a single character to control, with the second demonstration showcasing the game once players have amassed a full party of characters. Players can have four characters active in the party at the time, which gives access to the path actions of all the active characters.

Octopath Traveler‘s prologue demo is available to download now from the Nintendo eShop. The demo lets players play through the first chapter of the game for up to three hours (based on their save file), selecting any one of the eight characters to be the starting character. Players will be able to transfer their progress once the full game launches on July 13, 2018.




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  1. Budai Budai says:

    Hmmm I think I’ll just wait it out and experience it fresh with the full game.

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