Path of the Midnight Sun

Protect a noblewoman reckoning with unholy powers as she wards off the soul of the Demon King sealed inside her. Doubt your own companions, survive against unforgiving hordes of monsters. But beware; every choice has consequences in this adventure of betrayal, romance & self-acceptance.

Studio Daimon
Studio Daimon

Path of the Midnight Sun Review

Path of the Midnight Sun, the debut title from Studio Daimon, combines visual novel storytelling with strategic turn-based RPG combat. Although neither element truly shines on its own, the game balances them well to create a satisfying 25-hour experience.

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Path of the Midnight Sun Opening in January

Studio Daimon announced it is releasing Path of the Midnight Sun next month. The turn-based RPG, with visual novel elements, places a focus on managing their companions’ relationships and mental states.