For The King

For The King is a turn based roguelike, RPG that can be played solo or cooperatively online and features strategic adventuring, turn based combat, and persistent choices.

Curve Games (form. Curve Digital)
IronOak Games
Curve Games (form. Curve Digital)
IronOak Games
Curve Games (form. Curve Digital)
IronOak Games
Curve Games (form. Curve Digital)
IronOak Games
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Game Content

For the King Expansion Released

Strategy RPG/board game hybrid For the King has received its first expansion. The Lost Civilization Adventure Pack is available now for PC, Mac, and Linux.

For the King Arrives on Consoles

Curve Digital and IronOak Games’ roguelike RPG and strategy board game hybrid For the King releases for consoles this week. The game is out now on PS4, with Switch and Xbox One releases following in the next couple of days.

For the King Goes Into the Deep

For the King is getting another free update. The new nautical adventure, releasing on Wednesday, tasks players with stopping the Fishfolk from summoning the Kraken God.

For the King Adds Competitive Multiplayer

IronOak Games has added another free new mode to For the King. Gold Rush gives three players the chance to compete against each to see who is best at collecting and delivering the requisite amount of shiny metal.

For the King Hits PC Next Week

IronOak Games’ For the King is set to exit Early Access very soon. A console version of the hybrid between board-game-esque strategy, turn-based combat, and roguelike elements releases next year.

For the King Interview

IronOak Games’ debut title For the King arrives on PC and Mac next month, with a console release coming next year. RPGamer was given the chance to put some questions to the developer about the game and its combination of turn-based board-game-esque strategy and roguelike elements.