Dragon Quest X Offline

The Dragon Quest MMORPG is turned into a single-player offline title.

Square Enix
Square Enix
B.B. Studio
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Dragon Quest X Offline Gets New Trailer

Square Enix released a new trailer from Dragon Quest X Offline ahead of its launch in Japan in September. The company also announced a new bundle for the MMORPG as it comes up to its tenth anniversary.

Dragon Quest X Offline Details Synthesis

Square Enix provided some extra details for Dragon Quest X Offline. The update covers the familiar Fun-Size Forge as well as Accessory Synthesis.

Dragon Quest X Offline’s Eltona Continent Detailed

New screenshots for Dragon Quest X Offline introduce the continent of Eltona and island of Rakkaran. The former is nature-rich home of the Elves, while the latter is an entertainment resort complete with casino.

Dragon Quest X Offline Shows Puku Land

Square Enix provided more details and screenshots for Dragon Quest X Offline. This update focuses on Puku Land, home of the Poppets.

More Dragon Quest X Offline Details Revealed

Square Enix provided new details about Dragon Quest X’s upcoming offline version. The update provides details on the player character, combat, and party members.