Natsu-Mon Gets Western Release Date

During Anime Expo 2024, publisher Spike Chunsoft announced that it will be releasing the adventure life sim Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid in the West. The title, co-developed by Toybox and Millennium Kitchen, will launch digitally in North America and Europe on August 6, 2024, for Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam), with the game priced at $39.99/€39.99. The company will also release a demo of the game for Nintendo Switch on July 30, 2024. These announcements came with a new trailer and two videos containing messages from creators Kaz Ayabe (Millenium Kitchen) and Yasuhiro Wada (Toybox).

Natsu-Mon is set in Yomogi Town, a Japanese rural town surrounded by the sea and mountains. The player assumes the role of Satoru, the son of a circus ringleader who just arrived in town. As a child, Satoru doesn’t play any role in his father circus, which gives him the opportunity to enjoy his thirty-day stay at Yomogi as he pleases.

Natsu-Mon features an open-world experience, with the game billed as being devoid of loading times or screen changes. The player is free to partake in various activities such as swimming in the sea, climbing up mountains, fishing in the river, catching bugs, and more. Satoru can also build relationships with the townspeople and help the members of the circus.





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