AI LIMIT Launching for PC, PS5 This Year

CE-Asia announced that Sense Games’s sci-fi action RPG AI LIMIT will release internationally later this year. Originally announced as a PlayStation 4 title as part of Sony’s PlayStation China Hero Project, the game is now planned to release on PC and PlayStation 5.

AI LIMIT is set in a distant future, long after the fall of civilisation. The world is currently infested with a mysterious substance called the Mud, with monsters roaming the land. Players control Arrisa as she explores the world’s ruins while seeking answers to the truth behind civilisation’s end and create a new hope for the survivors.

Arrisa is a powerful entity known as a Blader that has incredible regenerative abilities, allowing her to fight through countless would-be deaths. She is able to wield a variety of weapons to excuse combos, and upgrade her abilities by finding gear throughout the world. Arrisa can also use her Blader abilities to extract information from old artifacts.



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