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Atlus released new details and media for the upcoming Persona 3 Reload, its latest remake of Persona 3. The first images showcase the new outfits for party members Akihiko Sanada (voiced by Alejandro Saab), Mitsuru Kirijo (voiced by Allegra Clark), and Fuuka Yamagishi (voiced by Suzie Yeung), with the company also releasing a new character trailer for Fuuka that can be viewed below along with the full gallery.

The new update also introduced various new and returning elements regarding Tartarus. Tartarus is a looming tower that appears during the Dark Hour, a mysterious period of time that exists between one day and the next. The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (S.E.E.S.) investigates the tower during the Dark Hour, which is teeming with hostile creatures called Shadows.



Persona 3 Reload will include a new dash button as well as an Auto-Recover option to heal up party members with a single button. Within Tartarus players will find various breakable objects that grant recovery items, materials, or Twilight Fragments that can unlock treasure chests. After battles, party members may sometimes suggest that they scout on ahead, temporarily splitting the party while they search for the way to the next floor. Upon reuniting, they will hand over any items they found during their scouting. Players may also come across missing persons that have found themselves trapped within Tartarus, which grants rewards.

After winning a battle, players may enter Shuffle Time. This is a bonus round where players can select Arcana cards that will grant beneficial effects or new Personas. Sometimes players will be able to find Major Arcana cards offering effects that last for the rest of the day. Collecting all of the available Major Arcana cards will trigger an Arcana Burst. This causes all Minor Arcana cards to rank up for the rest of the day, increasing their effects.



In Tartarus, players will come across Monad Doors. These grant access to rare treasure chests, but these chests are protected by powerful Shadows. Defeating these Shadows will also grant access to special Major Arcana cards in Shuffle Time. Some Monad Doors will lead to Monad Passages, long hallways home to powerful Shadows that when defeated rewards players with powerful weapons, new costumes, and other rare items.

Other special enemies include golden rare Shadows. These will try to flee if they spot the party, but grant large amounts of experience and money if defeated. However, if players remain on the same floor for too long they will find themselves hunter by the Reaper. This incredibly powerful Shadow will likely easily defeat most players.



Finally for the Tartarus section, players can find a clock at its entrance. This lets players fully heal their party for a small number of Twilight Fragments. Players can also freely change the costumes of their party while exploring Tartarus. Meanwhile, Fuuka has a set of support skills that can greatly aid players’ exploration in Tartarus. For example, Jamming lets player avoid detection by Shadows and Sylphid Aura provides a buff to all party members for the next battle.

In the last set of screenshots, Atlus showcased some of the other characters that players can form Social Links with in the game. These bonds let players witness these character’s stories while also letting them strengthen their Persona abilities. Characters with available Social Links can send invite to the protagonist, which lets players quickly travel to their location. The Social Links shown are:

  • President Tanaka (telemarketing CEO), voiced by Patrick Seitz
  • Mutatsu (unconventional monk), voiced by Aaron Laplante
  • Mamoru Hayase (track team rival), voiced by Yong Yea
  • Maya (MMO buddy)
  • Maiko Oohashi (child of a broken home), voiced by Grace Lu
  • Akinari Kamiki (terminally ill young man), voiced by Lucien Dodge
  • Mitsuko Kitamura and Bunkichi Kitamura (bookstore owners), voiced by Susanne Blakeslee and Andre Sogliuzzo

Persona 3 sees players controlling a transfer student in the Japanese city of Iwatodai, using summoned beings known as Personas to fight. They become involved in a series of incidents surrounding the temporary anomaly called the Dark Hour. Persona 3 Reload will release worldwide on February 2, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.




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