Deathbound Introduces Its Two Factions

Trialforge Studio and Tate Multimedia released two new videos for upcoming action RPG Deathbound. The two videos introduces the game’s conflicting factions: the Church of Death and the Cult of Life. The Church of Death is the dominant faith in the world of Ziêminal and its fanatical devotees persecute those who do not follow it. Meanwhile, the Cult of Life is an alliance of organisations resisting the Church of Death, including the Essencemancers, who are trying to give humanity back its previous immortality.

Deathbound sees players controlling a being that is the results of experimentation for eternal life held by the Cult of Life. The game is set around the explorable city of Akratya as it falls into ruin under the crusade. Players use the Binding System to absorb the essences of fallen warriors to shape their own playstyle, and can seamlessly switch between warriors to harness their skills, as well as combine their abilities for powerful Morphstrikes. Deathbound is currently planned to release in 2024 and is available to wishlist on Steam.




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