Eden’s Last Sunrise Launching This Week

Solo developer Sungazer Software announced that its latest title, Eden’s Last Sunrise, will release for PC on December 2, 2022. The tactical RPG will be available on Steam, priced at $14.99.

Eden’s Last Sunrise is set on a world that 200 years prior saw a rift amongst its population, with some venturing into space to colonize new worlds, while others remained on the surface, renewing their focus on magic. However, the spacefarers have returned, bringing news of a cosmic calamity that threatens their original world.

Players start the game choosing which one of two factions to control — the spacefarers or surface dwellers — with the campaign having multiple branching paths. The game features strategic time management elements as players select missions while gathering resources and improving their fighters. It includes a mix-and-match job system with 18 potential classes, and players can create their own units.




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