Tabletop-Style Tactical Game Moonbreaker Announced

Publisher Krafton and developer Unknown Worlds have announced Moonbreaker, a new game that seeks to emulate tabletop tactical games such as Warhammer. The game features a sci-fi and fantasy world created in collaboration with author Brandon Sanderson and is in development for PC and Mac, with a Steam Early Access release planned for September 29, 2022. The game is expected to spend around two years in Early Access.

Moonbreaker sees players participating in turn-based battles, with each side attempting to defeat the other side’s Captain. In each turn, players can spend resources to add Crew members from their roster to the battlefield or use abilities called Ship Assets. The game is planned to come with two main modes, a skirmish mode against the AI or other players, as well as a roguelike Cargo Run mode, where players build up their roster and attempt to have it survive while taking on multiple battles against the AI.

The game will have 50 units available at launch, with more Captains, Crew, and Ship Assists to be added through seasons. Players can build and create multiple rosters with their unlocked units. As part of emulating the tabletop tactical experience, the game represents all units through solid miniatures, and comes with its own substantial miniature painting system. Players can apply their own patterns and touches, including various texture and brush effects to individual parts of each miniature, while default paints created by members of the tabletop community.




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