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Moonbreaker Gets First Look Video

Krafton and Unknown Worlds’s Moonbreaker launches today on Steam Early Access. A new first look video gives an introduction to the title, which seeks to emulate tabletop tactical games.

Mistover Sales Ending This Month

Krafton’s Mistover will no longer be available to purchase from the end of June. Those who have already purchased the turn-based RPG will still be able to download and play it, however.

Mistover Review

Usually walking into mist-covered areas is a bad idea, at least according to horror movies. Here’s a game that requires adventuring into misty places though. Read the review to learn more.

Mistover Out Now

Gather a team and prepare for an incursion; Mistover is out now. This means a lot of jumping straight into the monster’s den.

Mistover Gets Second Demo

Krafton Game Union has provided a new demo for Mistover. The new demo gives players more details about the game’s story as well as the option to customise their party.

Mistover Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Mistover received a new trailer to mark the start of digital pre-orders for the game. The new video showcases the game’s dungeon-crawling elements as well as some of the skills players have at their disposal.

Mistover Demo Now Available

A demo is now available for Mistover ahead of its launch next month. The demo gives players a chance to check out the game’s exploration and combat systems using a pre-built party.

Mistover to Release in October

Krafton Game Union has announced an October release date for dungeon-crawling RPG Mistover. The company also revealed a PlayStation 4 version, which will launch alongside its previously-announced PC and Switch versions.

MISTOVER Interview

South Korean developer Krafton is currently developing a Japanese style RPG for Steam and the Nintendo Switch named MISTOVER. James Han, a producer for MISTOVER, answers some of our questions and gives us a preview of the upcoming game.

Mistover Gets PAX East Trailer

Mistover has been confirmed to head to the PC and Switch. Meanwhile, a new trailer with some first-time gameplay footage introduces the game to a PAX-going audience of gamers.