Final Fantasy XIV’s Buried Memory Uncovered August 23

Square Enix held its latest Letter from the Producer presentation for Final Fantasy XIV. The presentation, hosted by director and producer Naoki Yoshida with community manager Toshio Murouchi, is the second to cover the contents of the MMORPG’s upcoming Patch 6.2 update, Buried Memory.

The presentation began with the reveal of the update’s trailer and its August 23, 2022, release date. The first half also primarily featured a recap of the new content detailed in the previous Letter from the Producer, including more of the new post-Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker story, other side quests and raids, and changes to earlier content as the development team reworks it to fit with current state of the game.

The second half focused on a preview of the new Island Sanctuary and Variant Dungeons. The Island Sanctuary offers new casual solo content as players build up their own personal island sanctuary: gathering materials, caring for creatures, building facilities, crafting items, etc. Players do not need experience with existing gathering or crafting jobs, and build up their own base of operations, customising its appearance. Players can also invite others to visit or travel to friends’ and Free Company members’ islands.

Variant Dungeons will come with Patch 6.25. Initially teased as “Criterion Dungeons”, these are variable-difficulty dungeons designed for a casual party of one-to-four level 90 players. There are no role restrictions and players can change jobs during the dungeon, with new Variant Actions added to help compensate for the lack of role restrictions, while the progression route and story branches based on player actions. Criterion Dungeons are more challenging versions of Variant Dungeons. These high-difficulty dungeons are designed for a four-person party consisting of a tank, a healer, and two DPS jobs. They are visually similar to the equivalent Variant Dungeon but have a pre-determined path and do not include NPC companions.





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