Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Arts, Classes Detailed

Nintendo revealed more Japanese details for Monolith Soft’s upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The new blog post expands upon the game’s combat system, providing details on the game’s arts and classes, including some new images and video clips.

The combat basics are similar to previous game’s in the series, with players controlling one character in the party with the AI controlling the others. All character have a basic auto-attack which they use while building up use more powerful art abilities. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, each party member can have an art assigned to each of the B, X, and Y buttons from a selection of five available based on that character’s class.



As previously detailed, the game has six character classes divided into three roles, with each party member having one of those as their default. The Swordfighter, Noah’s default, is an Attacker class with balanced stats effective against bosses and powerful unique enemies. Sena’s default, Crusher, is a powerful hammer-wielding Attacker that can break enemy guards but can attract unwanted attention. Mio’s default Gale Master class is an evasion-based Defender that uses counters and can nullify damage on nearby allies. Lanz’s Heavy Guard class uses a giant shield to block attacks and can draw enemy attention. Eunie’s default Medic Gunner is a Healer class that generates areas of effect with healing and buffs but is prone to attracting enemies. Finally, Talon’s Tactician class is a Healer that focuses on hindering enemies and assisting allies such as by making them fall asleep or raising evasion.

The game will allow party members to switch between the six classes, with their outfits changing to reflect their class. Party members can also master arts, with such arts becoming usable even after they change to a different class. These mastered arts can also be fused with current class arts to create fusion arts that effectively activate both at the same time. The cooldown method for arts depends on the character class. Those using default Keves classes — Swordfighter, Heavy Guard, and Medic Gunner — recover the art usage over time, while the Agnus classes — Crusher, Gale Master, Tactician — recover their art through auto-attacks. Each character class also has a special Talent Art, which is filled by actions relevant to the class role: striking enemies from the side or rear for Attackers, guarding or avoiding enemy attacks for Defenders, or support actions for Healers.



More advanced combat options include the ability to switch and focus on specific targets, while the series’ traditional break, topple, and stun enemy status combo returns letting players knock down enemies and inflict significant damage. The game also includes a cancel attack system, whereby correctly timing a second attack with allow it to be performed instantly without waiting for the current attack animation to finish. Finally, a chain gauge will grow while players generate combos or through other combat actions, which can unleash an especially powerful attack when full.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is set in a world that connects the futures of the settings of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It follows protagonists Noah and Mio as they navigate the hostilities between the nations of Keves and Agnus. Noah is a soldier from Keves, while Mio is a soldier from Agnus, both of whom are joined by allies from their side. The game will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on July 29, 2022.



Source: RPG Site


Swordfighter Regular Art


Gale Master Regular Art


Fusion Arts


Art Cooldown Recovery


Swordfighter Talent Art


Gale Master Talent Art


Switching Targets


Status Combos


Cancel Attacks


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