Meg’s Monster Announced

Developer Odencat announced its newest title, pixel-graphic RPG Meg’s Monster. The game is in development for PC and Nintendo Switch, and is planned to release internationally this fall.

Meg’s Monster follows a young girl named Meg, who wakes up in the Underworld, a land of monsters that will happily eat humans. Fortunately, the monsters who find Meg — ogre Roy and his friend Golan — are not interested in such pursuits. However, when they find her, Meg’s cries result in the sky turning red and the earth starts rumbling. Determining that Meg has the power to cause the apocalypse in the Underworld, Roy and Golan search for Meg’s mother to get her home.

The game’s turn-based combat comes with a twist. Roy begins with 99,999 HP and is immensely powerful, but players must instead focus on ensuring Meg doesn’t cry. Encounters come with unique elements and mini-games as players look to defeat enemies while protect Meg and keeping her pacified.




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