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Meg’s Monster Giveaway

As part of the celebrations for Meg’s Monster’s one-year anniversary, Odencat provided RPGamer with some Steam codes of the game to give away. There are multiple ways to enter, with entries open for one week.

Odencat Announces Dream Channel Zero

Odencat unveiled its latest project, Dream Channel Zero. The surreal and quirky adventure sees Akira attempting to escape a mysterious video game world.

Meg’s Monster Review

In a genre of flashing spells and slashing swords, murder and magic and mayhem, sometimes we must take a breather to remember that which can hurt our hearts most of all: the tears of a small child. Keep her happy, keep her safe, lest it be the last thing any of us ever do.

Meg’s Monster Release Date Announced

Odencat announced that Meg’s Monster will release at the start of March. Players will need to do their utmost to prevent the girl from crying, lest the world meet its end.

Meg’s Monster Demo Available

A demo is now available for Odencat’s Meg’s Monster. The pixel-graphic RPG is currently planned to launch early next year.

Meg’s Monster Announced

Developer Odencat announced pixel-graphic RPG Meg’s Monster. The game puts players in control of a powerful monster who must defeat enemies while ensuring their young charge doesn’t cry.

Fishing Paradiso Casting onto PC, Switch

Odencat Inc.’s Fishing Paradiso is a fishing RPG set in the afterlife. The developer announced that the game, originally released on mobile, is heading to PC and Switch in 2022.