Songs of Glimmerwick Announced

Developer Eastshade Studios has announced Songs of Glimmerwick. The game is a mixture of adventure title, gardening sim, and RPG. It is being developed for PC and unspecified consoles and is currently planned to release in 2023.

Songs of Glimmerwick is set on the fantasy island of Glimmerwick, which has a renowned magic university. Players attend classes while helping to tend the university garden, make friends with fellow students and townsfolk, and investigate the mysteries around the island.

The game will feature narrative quests, as well as various side activites including mothracing, diving for seashells, and forest expeditions. Players can use musical spells for a variety of purposes including speaking to trees, enchanting tools, and overcoming environmental obstacles. Players can customise their character’s appearance, and can choose how to upgrade their characters abilities, with options available including gardening and trading bonuses or special skills like speaking to frogs.




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