Triangle Strategy Receives Second Japanese Character Trailer, Details

Square Enix released its second Japanese character trailer and images for tactical RPG Triangle Strategy. The four-minute video features the important characters surrounding party member Frederica Aesfrost, fiancée of main protagonist Seranoa. The marriage is political, designed to strengthen the ties between the Principality of Aesfrost and the Kingdom of Glenbrook.

Following character names may be different in the English version, but the trailer also introduces other members of the Aesfrost royal family including Gustdorf Aesfrost, the current leader of Aesfrost. He has helped build up the nation’s power but granting positions based on ability rather than status and is now to be both generous and cold. Erika Aesfrost is Gustdorf’s younger sister and, in contrast to her brother, puts great stock in people’s lineage. Thalas Esfrost is Gustdorf’s younger brother and currently the Prime Minister of Aesfrost despite his relatively young age. He is known to dislike Frederica.

Meanwhile, Egs am Marshall is a knight and one of the “Seven Saints” of Hyzante, the third main power on the continent of Norzelia beside Glenbrook and Aesfrost. Laila Bizarcraft is a medical researcher, also holding a position as one of the Seven Saints. Other characters — such as mercenary Roofo Tyrant, Sorsley Ende’s butler and confidant Booker Paynorth, and Aesfrost’s General Avrora — may be hostile or become temporary allies based on player decisions.

Square Enix also released some new Japanese screenshots showing some of the gameplay systems. These include mastery points that are obtained by meeting certain conditions during combat, such as exploiting weaknesses, and can be spend on items and special abilities. Certain special abilities can be used at the start of a turn and allow players to take actions such as recovering health or applying buffs without using character actions, but cannot be used more than once. At camp, players can talk with characters, upgrade party members and weapons, and participate in practice battles.

Triangle Strategy features three convictions — Utility, Morality, and Liberty — that make up protagonist Serenoa’s worldview, and player choices along those lines will determine how the story plays out and which allies will join his cause. Major decisions are settled with the Scales of Conviction, where allies will vote for what outcome is followed, with players able to influence the voting. The game will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.


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