Triangle Strategy Characters Introduced

Square Enix released more Japanese media and details for its upcoming tactical RPG Triangle Strategy. The new update introduces many of the characters appearing in the game, starting with the royal family of Glenbrook. Please note that names may be different in the official localised version of the game. Triangle Strategy will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.

Triangle Strategy is set 30 years after a great conflict called the Saltiron War that ended in an uneasy truce between the three major nations on the continent of Norzelia: Glenbrook, Aesfrost, and Hyzante. The game’s main protagonist is Glenbrook noble Serenoa Wolffort and player choices along the lines of three convictions — Utility, Morality, and Liberty — will determine how the story plays out and which allies will join his cause. Major decisions are settled with the Scales of Conviction, where allies will vote for what outcome is followed, with players able to influence the voting.

Roland Glenbrook is the second prince of Glenbrook and a close friend of Serenoa. One of the game’s main characters, he is frustrated by the current situation where his brother is heralded as heir to the throne, often being in conflict with his father and brother though still wanting their approval. Regna Glenbrook is the current king and Roland’s father, and is regarded as a wise king following his effort to bring the Saltiron War to a close. Frani Glenbrook is Roland’s brother and the current heir to the kingdom, who enjoys great popularity within the kingdom. Cordelia Glenbrook is Roland’s younger sister and is more fond of him than Frani.

Maxwell Trier is a military instructor in Glenbrook, who teaches Roland swordsmanship and views him as his pupil. Patriat Kansab is a noble minister in Glenbrook and leader of its royalist faction with great skill in negotiations. Avlora is a warrior from Aesfrost who previously competed against Maxwell at a tournament and has been promoted to general despite being an orphan. Sorsley Ende is one of Hyzante’s “Seven Saints” and is in charge of a salt lake that provides much of the country’s income.

Booker Paynose is Sorsley Ende’s steward and the one who actually undertakes most of House Ende’s managment. Julio Lightman is a former advisor to Patriat Kansab but was fired after acting against him and now works for House Wolffort. Medina Alium is a budding doctor from Hyzante who ends up fleeing the country after becoming suspicious of the way its institutions handle sick people. Finally, Ezana Klinka is a shaman and descended from a clan whose powers let them control the weather.

Square Enix also provided new screenshots highlighting the game’s combat and choice systems. Positioning is a vital element in combat as character abilities make use of elements including elevation and placement relative to enemies. Archers in high positions can fire further, while units placed next to each other can work together with link attacks, such as a tank taking the enemy’s attention while a mage strikes them from afar.


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