Book of Travels Announces Early Access

Stockholm-based developer Might and Delight’s “Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game,” Book of Travels, has received a new Steam Early Access date of October 11, 2021. Originally slated for an August Early Access release, the TMORPG was delayed for additional bug fixing and polishing. As Might and Delight continues to add to and improve upon the game’s features, it notes that player feedback will play an integral part in the development process.

Chapter Zero will enable players to begin exploring the game’s Braided Shore region. Book of Travels aims to facilitate immersion and intimate encounters between players in a shared world smaller than what is typical of the MMO genre. The game features hand-painted scenery which is meant to evoke a dark yet beautiful world with safe, well-trodden paths and dangerous wildlands alike.



Casey Pritt

Casey joined RPGamer as a writer in late 2021. She particularly loves JRPGs and thinks the Ys series might just be humanity's greatest invention since sliced bread.

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