Flames of Ambition Come to Elder Scrolls Online

The newest DLC for Elder Scrolls Online is now available. Titled Flames of Ambition, the new content includes the dungeons Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron. In Black Drake Villa, players will meet up with an elf named Eveli Sharp-Arrow and explore the hidden archives of an old mansion overrun with monsters. In The Cauldron, a cult known as the Waking Flame has enslaved local townsfolk to help dig up an old ruin. Players will be tasked with freeing the people and stopping the cult’s plans. The beginning of the year-long “Gates of Oblivion” story will also be included.

Alongside Flames of Ambition will be Update 29, which will affect all players. The update will alter the Champion sheet, including three updated Constellations and a new Champion bar that will allow up to four passive bonuses to be equipped. The updated Champion sheet will also feature advanced stats, including more clarity when making changes to a character. More details on the update can be found on the game’s website.

Flames of Ambition is available as part of ESO+ or is able to be purchased in-game using Crowns. Elder Scrolls Online is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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