Persona 3 Reload Introduces Strega, New Additions

Atlus released new media and details for Persona 3 Reload, its latest remake of Persona 3. The new update, which features a new trailer, introduces the antagonistic Strega, as well as detailing adjustments to combat and some of the new scenes included in the game.

Like the protagonist and their allies in S.E.E.S., Strega is another group able to perceive the Dark Hour that exists between one day and the next. However, Strega uses this to carry out revenge requests for others, pitting them against S.E.E.S.. Their leader is Takaya (voiced by Daman Mills), who considers  the Dark Hour to be a special gift. He carries a gun at his waist and his Persona is Hypnos. Meanwhile, Jin (voiced by Chris Hackney) specialises in data analysis and runs’ Strega request website. He uses hand grenades and his Persona is Moros. Finally, Chidori (voiced by Merit Leighton) wears a white dress and is cold to those who speak to her. She wields a hand axe and her Persona is Medea.



Atlus also revealed voice actors for other characters appearing in the game. Shuji Ikutsuki, the chairman of the school and advisor to S.E.E.S., is voiced by Jake Green. Elizabeth, resident of the Velvet Room who helps the protagonist strengthen his Personas, is voiced by Tara Platt. Pharos, a mysterious boy who greets the protagonist in his dorm and asks him to sign a contract, is voiced by Aleks Le.

Persona 3 Reload features the familiar series basics with a turn-based system that rewards combatants for hitting enemy weaknesses. Striking an enemy weakness will trigger “1 More”, which allows for an addition turn while knocking the enemy down. If all enemies are knocked down, the party can unleash an All Out Attack. Reload will include elements from Persona 5, including Direct Command and Assist options, as well as its version of the Baton Pass mechanic, here known as Shift.



Persona 3 Reload will also include a new type of special skill called Theurgy. These powerful abilities can be used when a character’s Theurgy gauge is filled by attacking, using skills, or other actions. Different actions will be more effective at filling the gauge for different characters.

Finally, the game will include new events called Linked Episodes. These are new story scenes that explore different sides to the game’s characters. These allow players to strengthen their bonds with the characters, and in turn unlock upgrades and new Persona fusions. The call will also have additional scenes focusing on the members of Strega.

Persona 3 sees players controlling a transfer student in the Japanese city of Iwatodai, using summoned beings known as Personas to fight. They become involved in a series of incidents surrounding the temporary anomaly called the Dark Hour. The Dark Hour includes the appearance of a tower known as Tartarus, and players join the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad tasked with investigating it. Persona 3 Reload will release worldwide on February 2, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.




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