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  1. I recently learned that the first Resident Evil game takes a lot of inspiration from a lesser-known Capcom RPG called Sweet Home, and could even be a spiritual successor. I’ve also heard that RE started as a remake of Sweet Home, but this is apparently unconfirmed. Sweet Home itself is based on a horror film of the same name. I am reminded of other surprising connections between RPGs and other titles, like that the Megami Tensei metaseries started as a series of light novels.

    What other surprising connections, such as RPGs being based on something obscure, or lesser-known video games that spawned bigger franchise do you know of?

  2. Krull Krull says:

    Which publishers do you most trust to get a game right, and why?

    Is Squenix still in that top tier category? Personally, I feel it is on an upward curve again (Octopath, DQ XI, FFVIIR), but have other publishers stolen its thunder on RPGs?

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