Project Haven Gets Gamescom Demo

To coincide with its showing at this year’s Gamescom, developer Foresight Games is releasing a free alpha demo of its cyberpunk tactical turn-based RPG Project Haven via Steam. The demo will include the game’s first three campaign missions, as well as a teaser for the game’s co-op mode. Project Haven will be showcased at Gamescom’s Indie Arena Booth starting 10pm CEST on August 27, 2020, and running until 11:59pm CEST on August 30, with events like a developer playthrough stream and YouTube and Twitch Let’s Play streams also taking place.

Project Haven takes place in the near-future Haven City, with players controlling a mercenary force called the Steel Dragons and taking on missions that pit them against gangs, rivals, and corrupt government forces. The game features stealth and cover mechanics and includes the ability for players to manually aim. It also features co-op and competitive multiplayer for up to four players.



Pascal Tekaia

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