Keylocker Jams Out to Gameplay Video

Moonana Games has released a lengthy gameplay trailer for its upcoming turn-based RPG Keylocker. The fifteen-minute video follows Bobo, a guitarist who wants to use her music to inspire an uprising against the powers that be keeping the lower societal castes under rigid control, as she attempts to locate a robotic jukebot named Rocket to fill in the drummer’s spot in her band. The turn-based combat shown off in the video revolves around the constant dance of balancing Life Points and Electrical Points, with each complementing the other via distinct offensive and defensive actions available. Moonana’s latest devlog outlines the combat system even further.

Keylocker takes place on Saturn, where music has been outlawed for the past 141 years. Bobo is a Doppelganger, twins that are born to be perfect fits for particular societal castes. However, she fights against her position in the lowest caste, forming her own band in rebellion against the Saturnian Satellites that act as the ultimate law. The game is in development for PC, though no release window has been announced yet.



Pascal Tekaia

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