Arc of Alchemist Screenshots Introduce Trio of Characters

Idea Factory International released a new batch of English screenshots for the upcoming Arc of Alchemist. The images focus on three characters in the game: Jester, Garett, and Darius.

Jester Silverhawk is an experienced member of Quinn’s expedition team. He is able to act calmly and logically in most situations and was a member of a failed expedition that set out twenty years ago. Meanwhile, Garett Van Dyne is the leader of the rival Neuhaven expedition team. Though he has a reputation for being cold, he cares for his family and is interested in Quinn’s exploits despite being from an opposing nation. Finally, Darius Kendrix is another member of the Neuhaven team and is a decorated solider. One of the few people in Garrett’s inner circle, he is also known to be a family man.

Arc of Alchemist follows Quinn Bravesford and her allies as they search the great desert, looking for a device that can reverse the planet’s desertification and save humanity. The western release will feature both English and Japanese voice acting, with both versions including all of the additions made for the game’s Japanese Nintendo Switch release, such as the ability for players to freely switch between party members. The game will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in North America on January 30, 2020, with the European release following a day later on January 31, 2020.



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