Darksiders Genesis Reaps Some Creature Cores

Airship Syndicate and THQ Nordic have released a new trailer for Darksiders Genesis that showcases the game’s Creature Cores system. Both War and Strife have their own set of abilities, but those abilities can be augmented by the use of Creature Cores that are found by defeating enemies or available to purchase in Vulgrim’s store. Creature Cores can change the properties of abilities, from simple things like increased damage to added effects like leaving a trail of lava in an ability’s wake.

Serving as a prequel to the rest of the series, Darksiders Genesis is a top-down action RPG where up to two players can control War and Strife in a cooperative campaign. The game is set to release on PC and Stadia on December 5, 2019, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch releases set for February 14, 2020.


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