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  1. Ombres Ombres says:

    Well that was fun to hunt with you Phil, I will try to work a bit to get better equipment so you don’t have to fight older fight!
    Right now, I playing with the Hunting horn and having lot of fun learning it 🙂 So should I concentrate on Monster hunter Generation or World on PC?
    Even, should I go back and upgrade the one on 4 ultimate? Finally I thought I did more, but seem like I only did some quest in 7 stars solo and I am only HR 3.
    Hope we will be able to get a good group someday and have fun hunting lot of monsters!!

    • Sakurangel Sakurangel says:

      Finish the main story in ice borne and in MR 43/HR 89. If you guys need help of wanna just hunt. Look for me at ps4 sakurangel/ sakurangel El queso and/or in MHW as Xinsakuran.
      I like hearing Phil and apps having difficulties with the coral pukie pukie. Mean while I’m figuring zidogres

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