Ys IX Supporting Characters Revealed

Nihon Falcom has provided more details for the newest title in the Ys action RPG series, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. The details include an introduction to the Seikoku Church that has a major presence in the game’s main town, which has now been anglicised as Balduq. There are also introductions to a number of supporting characters in the game.

The Seikoku Church is a very big religious organisation that undertakes missionary work across the continent and is the official religion of the Romun Empire, which Balduq is part of. It has its own orders of knights, with one of those orders located in Balduq, though it is unclear who is in charge in the relationship between the knights and the church. The Balduq order of knights is currently on good terms with the local governor and helps maintain order in the city.

The leader of the order is Chatelard, who is famous in the city partly thanks to his chiseled looks. He decides to take an interest in Adol when he learns about Adol’s past adventures. Meanwhile, Berger is the warden for Balduq Prison, which gives Balduq its name as the prison city. A lifelong military man, he often has an unforgiving attitude toward troublemakers.



Another character appearing in the game is Ingrid, who is an investigator dispatched by the Romun Empire to interview Adol after he is imprisoned in Balduq. She does not believe the tales of his past adventures. Marious is another prisoner in Balduq, who is friendly and insightful but has lost his memories, including the reason for his imprisonment. Finally, Margot is another prisoner and the former leader of a resistance group, who was captured by the Romun Empire during an uprising for the independence of the Gllia region.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is set to be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 on September 26, 2019. No announcement has been made regarding a potential western release for the game.



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