Final Fantasy XII Out Now on Switch, Xbox One

The twelfth entry in the longstanding Final Fantasy series arrives on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One hardware today. Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age in digital and physical formats for both consoles. The remastered game comes with updated graphics and new features.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age begins by following Vaan, a young orphan who aspires to become a sky pirate, but gets mixed into a political conflict where Judges rule over the land of Ivalice. In The Zodiac Age, players have at their disposal the Zodiac Job System, a character development system that was added in the Japan-exclusive International Zodiac Job System.

The original 2017 release of The Zodiac Age limited players to selecting two jobs that were permanently affixed to a character, but the Switch and Xbox versions allow players to reset and change jobs. An all-new Gambit Sets system will allow players to quickly transition between the customizable AI sets for different circumstances. A New Game Plus mode will allow players to start the game over with powerful characters and carry over some items, magic, and money. The option to switch between classic and modern soundtracks is also included. Additionally, the Xbox One version will support 60 fps.


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