Mobile Disgaea RPG to Need Months of Work to Relaunch

The mobile game based on Nippon Ichi’s popular Disgaea series of strategy RPGs, Disgaea RPG, has been taken off of the Google Play and Apple Store after weeks of on-and-off maintenance since its launch on March 19. ForwardWorks and Nippon Ichi have apologized for the maintenance and resulting inconveniences as a result and are working to remedy the issues.

The developers have stated that it will take three months to make major repairs to the game’s infrastructure and application, including time for server testing to make sure that the game can handle the player base. Data for all players will be reset upon the relaunch of the game, and those who were unable to play due to the maintenance will still be able to obtain relevant bonuses.

Given that some of the testing code made it into the final release, ForwardWorks and Nippon Ichi came to the conclusion that a full reset would be beneficial to the playing experience. More information will be forthcoming in regards to those who spent money on microtransactions in the game.

Disgaea RPG is a Japanese-exclusive mobile game, and there is no current information about whether the takedown and relaunch will change any global release plans.

Source: Siliconera


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