Thea 2: The Shattering Comes to Early Access

MuHa Games has announced the Early Access release date for its follow-up to Thea: The Awakening. The upcoming game, titled Thea 2: The Shattering, will arrive on PC via Steam Early Access on November 30, 2018, with a full release planned for 2019. Thea 2‘s Early Access will feature all core gameplay mechanics — including exploration, battles, resource gathering, research and crafting — along with the entirety of the main quest and select side quests. Some co-op modes will also be available.

Thea 2 is a combination of 4X strategy game, RPG, card-driven combat, and survival game. Players take control of gods inspired by Slavic myth who lead a tribe of followers while exploring a procedurally-generated world. The game will include co-op multiplayer, free post-launch DLC, an adventure editor, and modding tools.


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