Release Date for Bard’s Tale Trilogy Announced

InXile Entertainment has announced a release date for its upcoming The Bard’s Tale Trilogy, a remastered version of the first three titles originally created by Interplay in the 1980s. Developer Krome Studios has dived back into the original game code for all three classic games in order to fill the gaps, fix the bugs, and streamline the entire experience into one epic package that will let players take a single party of characters through all three adventures, for the first time with an option to play as a female bard.

The remaster comes just in time for players to experience or relive the events that led to the upcoming The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep, which itself is to release just around the corner in September. Meanwhile, The Bard’s Tale Trilogy will include a host of improvements, such as updated art, improved item management, spell access, and automapping. A Legacy Mode will be released for the game as one of its final pieces of content, giving players the option to revert the games back to their original 1980s settings for a greater challenge.

The first volume of the remaster, Tales of the Unknown, will be available when the game launches on Steam and on August 14, 2018, retailing at $14.99. The second and third volumes, The Destiny Knight and Thief of Fate, will be added to the package as free downloads in fall and winter of 2018, respectively. Finally, a launch trailer is also viewable below.



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