Sega Announces Idola Phantasy Star Saga

As part of its celebrations for the thirtieth anniversary of the Phantasy Star series, Sega has announced Idola Phantasy Star Saga. The game is a free-to-play RPG for iOS and Android, and is set to launch in Japan later this year. There is currently no news regarding an English release.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga is set in the land of Vandoll, whose populace is constantly threatened by huge monsters known as Idola. To make matter worse, a sealed god of destruction is also beginning the process of resurrection. The game features a command-based combat system, which the characters in the game falling on the side of order or chaos.

The game’s two main characters were also detailed. The first is Stella, who belongs to the Aries Knights brigade that battles against the Idola. She generally hides behind a mask, becoming shy when she takes it off. The second character is Yuri, the main protagonist. He is an orphan who was raised as a sailor, and joins the Aries Knights after an encounter with Stella.



Source: Gematsu


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3 Responses

  1. Three guesses as to what the name of that god of destruction is. 😛

  2. minneyar minneyar says:

    I’d love a new, proper single player Phantasy Star game, but frankly this looks like a Fate/Grand Order clone.

  3. JCServant JCServant says:

    It’s not the Phantasy Star you wanted, or that you deserve, but you’re getting it!

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