Cyrus and Ophilia Round Off Octopath Traveler’s Playable Octet

Nintendo and Square Enix hasvereleased the May update video for the upcoming turn-based RPG Octopath Traveler. The three-and-a-half-minute video introduces the game’s final two playable characters, Cyrus and Ophilia, and reveals details about the game’s battle talents and party systems.

Cyrus the Scholar’s journey sees him setting out to find a lost tome. His unique Path Action is Scrutinize, which lets him extract information from people he encounters that can provide bonuses or information and secrets that can help solve quests. Meanwhile, Ophilia the Cleric sets out on a pilgrimage. Her Path Action is Guide, which lets her lead people to other places, which comes in useful for quests such as helping a lost child find his mother.

In addition to Path Actions, Octopath Traveler‘s eight protagonists also each have a unique Talent. These Talents provide various bonuses and options; Cyrus’ Study Foe lets him discern an enemy’s weakness at the start of combat, Olberic can gain a boost to defending, Alfyn can create potions, H’aanit can capture beasts and use them against enemies, Ophilia can add the people she is currently guiding to the battle while Primrose can do the same with those she has charmed, Tressa will find money while walking around, and Therion can pick locks.

Octopath Traveler begins with players picking one of the eight protagonists to start with. As they travel around, however, they will meet up with the remaining seven characters. Up to four party members can be active at any one time, with party members swapped at taverns in the various towns. Each character has his or her own dedicated stories, and players can go through the entirety of each character’s personal story on the single playthrough.

Octopath Traveler is set to be released on Nintendo Switch on July 13, 2018.



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