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01.02  The Dwarves PS4
12.24  Dragon Ball Fusions 3DS
12.22  Mordheim: City of the Damned PC
12.19  Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls/Bony Spirits 3ds
12.12  Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Vita
12.05  Final Fantasy XV PS4
12.05  Serpent in the Staglands PC
12.01  Xanadu Next PC

01.11  Adventure Labyrinth Story (Deep Look) 3DS
12.23  Expeditions: Viking (Alpha Impression) PC
12.09  Divinity: Original Sin II (Early Access Impression) win
11.19  Super Dungeon Bros (Deep Look) PS4
10.27  Pokémon Sun/Moon (Demo Impression) 3DS
09.22  The Ember Series: A New Fire (Early Access) pc
09.20  Trillion: God of Destruction (Deep Look) Vita
09.01  Cosmic Star Heroine (Beta Impression) PC
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01.20  Dragon Quest VIII 3DS
01.24  Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue
01.24  Tales of Berseria
01.24  Yakuza Zero
01.27  Earthlock: Festival of Magic
01.27  Tales of Berseria
01.30  Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
01.31  Digimon World: Next Order
01.31  Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
Feb  Summon Night 6: Lost Borders

01.17  Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
01.10  Asdivine Hearts
12.20  Dex
12.15  Mercenaries Saga 3
12.14  Stardew Valley
12.14  Super Dungeon Tactics
12.13  Stardew Valley
12.01  The Dwarves
11.29  Final Fantasy XV
11.22  Darksiders


Atlus Brings Utawarerumono to North America, Europe
A couple of years after bringing Tears to Tiara II to North America, Atlus USA has picked up two more Aquaplus titles. This pair of visual novel/strategy RPG hybrids will certainly test pronunciation skills.  01.19 00:00
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Blue Reflection Gets First Gameplay Trailer
Gust released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming Blue Reflection. The developer also revealed more about the game's introduction section and combat system.  01.19 00:00
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Blue Reflection
Episode 171: The Hills of Oblivion - RPG Backtrack
Once more we venture into the world of The Elder Scrolls, this time with a game that helped popularize the idea of downloadable content. Oblivion is a big game, and we definitely came up with a lot to say.  01.18 04:54
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RPG Backtrack 171
Persona 5 Gets into Some Dungeon Crawling
Atlus drops a few more details regarding the dungeons of Persona 5, in this game known as Palaces. Its Japanese branch also teased some of the tracks appearing on the game's original soundtrack.  01.18 12:25
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Persona 5
Atelier Shallie Plus Launch Trailer Arrives
It's back to the atelier once again as the PlayStation Vita receives the last of the Dusk trilogy. A new trailer is out alongside the game in North America, with Europe just a few days behind.  01.18 12:24
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Atelier Shallie
Aksys Announces More Tokyo Xanadu
Some RPGamers were a little disappointed to learn that the enhanced eX+ version of Tokyo Xanadu was not initially announced for localisation. They may now rejoice.  01.17 19:44
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NIS America Details Participants of Operation Babel
The website for Operation Abyss' sequel has been updated, providing details of some of the game's characters. Both new and returning cast members are shown ahead of Operation Babel's launch later this year.  01.17 17:36
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Kickstarter Check-In: UnDungeon
RPGamer's semi-regular crowdfunding check-in series returns with a look at UnDungeon. The action RPG borrows roguelike elements as it tears a rift open in the multiverse.  01.17 17:36
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Nights of Azure 2 Delayed Again in Japan
The night is not quite right as Gust delays Nights of Azure 2. The Japanese release for the title takes another hit as it slides further back into this year.  01.17 13:02
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Another Look at The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2
The Witch and her Hundred Knight are just over a month away in Japan and NIS has a new trailer in anticipation. The trailer won't get westerners any closer to news of a release on this side of the Pacific.  01.17 13:01
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Accel World vs. Sword Art Online Opening Movie Released
Bandai Namco released the opening movie for Accel World vs. Sword Art Online. RPGamers in Japan will be able to grab the Reki Kawahara-focused crossover in a couple of months.  01.16 19:01
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Harvest Moon: Skytree Village Adds More Marriage Candidates
Natsume is adding a couple more marriage candidates to its latest Harvest Moon title. Edmond and Nova will be accepting proposals next week.  01.16 19:00
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Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Gets a Gameplay Trailer
A couple of Viking RPGs are set for release in the first part of 2017. Kalypso Media released a new gameplay trailer for its entry, the action RPG Vikings: Wolves of Midgard.  01.16 19:00
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Mac's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Journey - Episode 1
Join Mac in a journey back through the Final Fantasy series as the 30th anniversary approaches. Today, we start off with a handful of different titles.  01.13 17:46
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RPGCast - Episode 409: "Body Butter"
Get lathered up and ready to hug your mana sabers. Today we Switch things up and talk about how many episodes it takes to destroy Namek. Then we waffle on Disgaea, mourn Scalebound, and learn all there is to know about FFXIV.  01.14 21:29
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Nintendo Switch Presentation Wrap-Up
A new Nintendo console on the way also means some new RPGs. Nintendo's show for the Switch came with a good number of RPG news attached, along with a release date for both the system and the new Zelda game.  01.13 13:39
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Video Emulates a Torment: Tides of Numenera Sidequest
A new video emerges for Torment: Tides of Numenera, offering slightly more than a straight-up viewing experience. RPGamers can see how their choices affect how a particular sidequest plays out.  01.13 19:57
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Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure PC Releases Detailed
Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure provide Gust's first Steam releases next month. Publisher Koei Tecmo revealed a few more snippets about what the PC versions offer players.  01.13 19:57
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Deep Look - Adventure Labyrinth Story
Circle Entertainment continues to push out delightful budget RPGs from Mercenaries Saga 2 and 3 to Adventure Bar Story. However, Adventure Labyrinth Story will make you want to go back and drink at a bar.  01.11 15:07
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Horizon: Zero Dawn Introduces Its Story
We've seen a fair bit of gameplay for Horizon: Zero Dawn, but now some of the other elements are coming into focus. This latest trailer gives us a first demonstration of the game's story.  01.12 14:53
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