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Luca Blight (Suikoden II)
Ghaleon (Lunar)
05.27  The Huntsman: Winter's Curse PC
05.18  Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad Multi
05.12  MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies Vita
05.10  Valkyria Chronicles Remastered 3DS
05.10  Agarest: Generations of War Zero PC
05.06  HamaTora: Look at Smoking World 3DS
05.04  Medabots DS NDS
05.03  Ray Gigant Vita

05.05  Rogue Wizards (Impression) PC
04.21  Ray Gigant (Impression) Vita
04.14  Kill to Collect (Deep Look) PC
03.17  Dark Souls III (Preview) PS4
02.16  Bravely Second: End Layer (Demo Impression) 3DS
02.14  Nights of Azure (Preview) PS4
02.14  The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone (DLC Impression) Multi
02.11  Tom Clancy's The Division (Beta Impression) Multi
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06.03  Anima: Gate of Memories
06.07  Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
06.07  Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir
06.21  Grand Kingdom
06.21  The Technomancer
06.24  Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
06.28  God Eater Resurrection
06.28  Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
07.12  7th Dragon III Code: VFD
07.15  Monster Hunter X

05.26  Dragon Fantasy Book II
05.26  Romancing SaGa II
05.23  Heavenstrike Rivals
05.17  Overfall
05.17  Salt and Sanctuary
05.17  Valkyria Chronicles
05.12  Goliath
05.10  MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies
05.03  Ray Gigant
04.26  Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim


Moon Hunters Ventures to PS4 in July
Kitfox Games is advancing onto new pastures in search of more players for its personality test RPG. The game is out for PlayStation 4 in July, with a Vita release still planned for sometime in the future.  05.31 17:37
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Moon Hunters
28 Screens - World of Final Fantasy
New World of Final Fantasy screens introduce some new and familiar characters for the game. Miniature Vivi clearly outshines them all, though.  05.31 17:37
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World of Final Fantasy
Four New Trailers Expand Etrian Odyssey V's Roster
Atlus gives four new playable classes their spotlights. Meet the Shaman, Hound, Reaper, and Necromancer classes.  05.31 03:30
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Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth
Localization Woes - Active Topical Banter
The panel tackles the nature of localization and the methods behind it. Mostly for the specifics of JRPGs but at least one example from Eastern Europe makes it into the fray.  05.30 17:04
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Active Topical Banter Show
Review - The Huntsman: Winter's Curse
Many a licenced game has been met with the complaint of being a by-the-numbers cash-in. Universal Studios allowed Desert Owl Games to try something a bit different with its side-story to The Huntsman franchise.  05.27 18:41
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The Huntsman
SMTIV Trailer Shows Tokyo Dealing with the Apocalypse
Atlus releases a story trailer for the upcoming western release of this sequel. Player choices between order and chaos will once again play a pivotal role in this story of humanity's survival.  05.29 17:25
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Dragon Ball Fuses a Trailer
Bandai Namco's newest RPG lets players collect and train their favorite Dragon Ball fusions. A lengthy trailer shows off several different fusion types.  05.29 17:23
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Heavenstrike's Rivalries Now Extend to PC
PC players join the fray to defend the kingdom of Lunnain against the Fallen. Cross-platform gaming with mobile versions of the game is also possible.  05.29 17:20
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RPGCast - Episode 386: "Uplift All Cockroaches"
Chris hugs his cat. Anna Marie hugs her Mindsona. Alex hugs his car. And Alice hugs a cockroach. Yeah, you had to be there. Now go make space great again!  05.29 02:25
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Nerd Block: International Tabletop Day - Mystery Box
Nerd Block teamed up with Geek & Sundry this year to produce a limited edition box celebrating International Tabletop Day. Was it a critical hit or did it miss its mark?  05.26 22:51
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Dragon Quest Starts Building in October
The thirtieth anniversary of Dragon Quest is set to be further celebrated in the West. Dragon Quest Builders will be joining the 3DS remakes of the seventh and eighth games later this year.  05.27 13:28
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Ys VIII Gets First Full Trailer
The next Ys title is now just a couple of months away from release in Japan. Series fans can get excited by the game's first full trailer while hoping for a localisation announcement.  05.27 12:38
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Absolver Coming in 2017
New studio Sloclap has announced its first game, an online melee-focused RPG titled Absolver. More information is expected in the near future, but we can safely assume the implementation of plenty of different kicks and punches.  05.27 12:38
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Monster Hunter Stories Begin in the Fall
Capcom's story-driven Monster Hunter spin-off finally has a release date over in Japan. English-speaking RPGamers will have to hope for a localized release while watching the game's new trailer.  05.27 12:13
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Final Parts of The Huntsman: Winter's Curse Unleashed
Book Four and Book Five of The Huntsman: Winter's Curse are now out on Steam. RPGamers looking to try out the side-story to Universal's fairy-tale movie franchise can download the first part for free.  05.26 13:29
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Console and Handheld Digital Store Update
This week's releases see the second Dragon Fantasy game hitting the eShop in North America along with another Kemco title. Sales-wise, both North America and Europe get a nice selection of deals on Xbox.  05.26 13:28
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Star Ocean 5 Gets an Ocean of Media
With just over a month to go before the West gets to play Star Ocean 5, Square Enix is still dropping trailers for the game. Fortunately, these trailers are finally arriving in English.  05.26 11:43
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North America Receives Demo for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Those looking to try out Odin Sphere's remake can now do so on PS4 in North America. Handheld compatriots will be able to join them next week.  05.25 15:54
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Opening Date Set for Anima's Gate of Memories
After revealing a June release for Anima: Gate of Memories, BadLand Indie has confirmed the exact date for the game. Fortunately for those already panicking about the rush at the end of the month, it's coming early.  05.25 15:54
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I Am Setsuna Readies Up for E3
Is the safety of home worth the cost of a life? What if it was the plot of a Chrono Trigger-inspired RPG instead? Square Enix has a new trailer for just that very game.  05.25 11:59
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