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08.05  Rogue Legacy PS4
08.05  Sacred 3 PC
08.02  Divinity: Original Sin PC
07.28  Unrest Multi
07.23  Maple Story: Girl of Fate 3DS
07.22  Squids Odyssey 3DS
07.21  Suikoden V PS2
07.16  Inazuma Eleven GO: Light 3DS

08.19  Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Impression) Vita
08.14  Monster Freedom Unite for iOS (Impression) iOS
08.05  Dragon Quest VII Remake (Impression) 3DS
08.04  Fantasy Life (Impression) 3DS
08.04  Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (Impression) Vita
07.21  Sunless Sea (Impression) PC
07.13  Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut (Impression) Wii U
07.04  Telepath Tactics (Impression) Multi
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08.26  Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1
Sep  Sunless Sea
09.03  Gauntlet
09.09  Destiny
09.16  Fairy Fencer F
09.23  Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star
09.23  Natural Doctrine
10.14  Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
10.24  Fantasy Life
10.28  Freedom Wars

08.19  Diablo III
08.19  Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
08.19  Tales of Xillia 2
08.14  King's Bounty: Dark Side
08.12  Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited
08.12  Risen 3: Titan Lords
08.05  Sacred 3
08.04  Rime Berta
07.29  Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
07.29  Rogue Legacy


Impression - Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Namco Bandai hopes to provide a faux-MMO experience on the Vita with this title, based on the popular novel and anime series, which is launching in North America today. Our reviewer is here to provide his early impressions of the title.  08.19 09:41
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Sword Art Online
Import Impression - Monster Hunter 4
With Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate headed West next year, we take a look at the original version. Find out if this hunt seems like a promising event in which to participate.  08.19 21:49
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Monster Hunter 4
Easy Lover - RPG Elements
In the latest issue of Elements, special guests Michael Cunningham and Sam Marchello review two special books for us. We also take an early look at the XCOM board game. Check it out!  08.19 18:08
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RPG Elements
Freedom Wars to Begin Late October
Sony has finally announced the date when the fight against the Abductors will come to North America and Europe. Players will be able to start reducing their one-million-year sentence in a little over two months.  08.19 10:56
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Freedom Wars
Episode 125: How Many Dragons in an Age? - RPG Backtrack
The start of BioWare's ongoing series brought a lot of thoughts to the surface. Some are profound and challenging, others lewd and depraved, with plenty occupying some kind of middle ground in this episode.   08.18 22:41
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RPG Backtrack Episode 125
Impression - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS
One of the PSP's biggest games is back, this time in iOS form. Now that you can play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on your phone or tablet, the question is should you? Check out our impression to find out.   08.14 12:47
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RPGCast - Episode 317: "Everyone Gets Tropico 4!"
Manny and Chris report back from their recent hunting expedition. Phil teaches us about MMOs for beginners. Anna Marie does all the picrosses. And Jon breaks Steam.  08.16 15:32
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Warlords of Draenor to Arrive in November
The latest expansion to Blizzard's hugely successful MMO is well on its way. It's even managed to reach the point where it gets a firm release date.  08.15 11:25
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Earth Election Date Pushed Back a Month
It seems the Citizens of Earth will be waiting a little longer before the Veep calls them to action. Fortunately, the delay also means that each one will have to sacrifice a little less to keep the planet safe from harm.  08.15 11:23
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Hears from the Enemy of Thedas
Judging by this trailer, the Inquisition's target isn't too worried about keeping a low profile. Unfortunately, that likely means bringing him to justice could be a bit tricky.  08.14 13:04
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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment's Post-Launch DLC Unveiled
It's always nice when game's provide extra content after launch for free. It's even nicer when that content doesn't involve just playing dress-up in clothing that should by all rights be utterly useless in combat.  08.14 13:03
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Blackguards Return in New Media
The Blackguards are back, or some of them are, at least. Time will tell if they've learned anything from the previous adventures.  08.13 12:35
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See a Witcher 3 Gameplay Teaser
What the heck is a hillock, anyway? Perhaps we can assume it's Witcher slang for "werewolf den."  08.13 12:04
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BioWare Austin Takes on Modern Fantasy with Shadow Realms
BioWare's new IP has been unveiled as Shadow Realms, an online multiplayer title that pits four players against one. Will you be one of the heroes, or the clearly much cooler Shadowlord?  08.13 11:58
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Paradox Interactive Announces Runemaster
Paradox Interactive is treading slightly unfamiliar ground with its first self-developed RPG, Runemaster. Check inside for the initial info and media for this new title steeped with Norse mythology.  08.13 11:57
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Borderlands Bad Guys Save the World
No dubstep trailer music and playable Claptrap? 2K has gone mad with Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel. Mad, we say!  08.13 11:32
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Gameplay for Bloodborne Revealed at Gamescom
From Software has finally shown off what RPGamers can come to expect in its next title, Bloodborne. Be prepared to be swept into a world of beauty and murder when it releases exclusively on PlayStation 4.  08.13 09:25
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Risen 3's Factions Launched into View
Risen 3 is now out in North America, with players needing to decide which of the game's factions they wish to join. I can't help but be drawn to the name Voodoo Pirate; there's clearly some dark magic involved.  08.12 12:01
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Sony Shows Off Freedom Wars Gameplay
A few of the team members behind Sony's PlayStation Blog got together to play a short bit of Freedom Wars. Check inside to see them rescuing civilians from the game's Abductor menace.  08.12 11:42
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Dress Up with Cosplay Pikachu
This new Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire trailer announces new Mega Evolutions, Pokémon giveaways, and yes, a cosplaying Pikachu. ˇViva el Pikachu libre!  08.12 11:29
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