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Moonglow Bay Review

Moonglow Bay may be the most Canadian game to ever exist. From strange fish tales to chatty Maritimers, the game will have you entranced by all its wonders.

Moonglow Bay Out Now

Coatsink and Bunnyhug’s Moonglow Bay is out now. The fishing RPG is available on PC and Xbox consoles, including Xbox Game Pass.

Moonglow Bay Launching in October

Slice-of-life fishing RPG Moonglow Bay has received a release date. The game will launch on PC and Xbox consoles this October.

Moonglow Bay Gets New Video

Coatsink and Bunnyhug’s Moonglow Bay put in an appearance during Day of the Devs. The fishing RPG is due to release for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S this year.

Fishing RPG Moonglow Bay Announced

Moonglow Bay is a slice-of-life fishing RPG from Coatsink and Bunnyhug. The game is coming to PC and Xbox consoles later this year.