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Fallen Legion Revenants Introduces Its Main Cast

A follow-up to 2017’s Fallen Legion, Fallen Legion Revenants is set to hit next year. NIS America put out a new video introducing its three main characters Ivor, Lucien, and Rowena.

Fallen Legion Revenants Announced

NIS America and YummyYummyTummy are working on a follow-up for Fallen Legion. Set to release next year, Fallen Legion Revenants follows Lucien and Rowena after humanity is forced to retreat to a floating castle when the world becomes covered by miasma.

Fallen Legion Now Available on Switch

Fallen Legion’s Switch version is now available in North America, with its European release following on Friday. A launch trailer for the Rise to Glory version comes with a new trailer highlighting some of the additional content within.

NIS America Press Event Round-up

NIS America’s press event involved plenty of upcoming titles for the publisher. Fresh media, release dates, and a pair of new announcements were all provided.

Fallen Legion PS4/Vita Review

Fallen Legion offers an interesting take on choosing one’s side, with PlayStation 4 players helping the next in line for royal succession while Vita owners rise up in rebellion. What state will the Fenumian Empire be left in once the fires of war have died down?