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Etrian Odyssey Nexus Receives Launch Trailer

Get ready to go dungeon diving once more as the final 3DS adventure in the Etrian Odyssey series is out now in the west. Publisher Atlus USA has released a launch trailer detailing some of the game’s features.

Dragon’s Crown Pro Review

Are you ready to traverse through dungeons and make friends with sentient boxes? If so, grab a friend and some ale because you’re in for hours of fun and questionable content.

Citizens of Earth Review

With trouble “brewing” at the local coffee shop, the Vice President of Earth is ready to roll up his sleeves and save the planet, and he’s doing it all for you: the voter.

Class of Heroes Review

It was loved in Japan, but will Wizardry + Furry Dwarves = Success in America? Read what RPGamer thought of the latest first person crawler brought over by Atlus and keep your credit card nearby.

Eternal Poison Review

Another RPGamer staff member has decided give his opinion on one of the PlayStation 2’s last RPGs. We just can’t let the system go.

Eternal Poison Review

Atlus loves the PS2. Atlus also loves tactical RPGs. Is its combination of the two a healthy pink or a deadly poison?

Contact Review

A professor is on the run from a mysterious group known as the Cosmo-NOTs. In his attempt to escape, he comes in contact with a boy by the name of Terry.