Sports Story

A sequel to 2017’s Golf Story. A game about sports, but not always… Dungeons, espionage, mini games. Study at a renowned tennis academy. Seek wisdom high and low. Travel in search of new sporting challenges. Pursue other passions while winding down. Make friends and enemies in your quest.

Sidebar Games
Sidebar Games

Sports Story Review

Sidebar Games went ambitious with its follow-up to Golf Story. Unfortunately, that ambition ultimately sees Sports Story overshooting the green and lying somewhere in the rough.

Game Content

Sports Story Released on Switch

Sidebar Games has made good on its December launch window for Sports Story. The follow-up to Golf Story is available now digitally on Nintendo Switch.

Sports Story Delayed

The developers of Sports Story have announced they are postponing the release of the game. Sports Story will launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Sports Story Announced

Sidebar Games has announced a follow-up to Golf Story. Sports Story will include plenty of other activities as players compete in the Decasportathon.