Fallen Angel

Tossed aside and cast out. It’s time to claim your birthright. Rise as Lucifer and battle the armies of the afterlife and ascend through the weird and warped realms of heaven and claim vengeance.

V Publishing
Matrioshka Games
V Publishing
Matrioshka Games

Fallen Angel Review

Fallen Angel puts its best wing forward with engaging boss battles and enjoyable exploration. Unfortunately, this Switch port suffers from performance issues that prevent it from greatness.

Game Content

Fallen Angel Coming to Switch in July

Action RPG Fallen Angel is coming to Switch in a few weeks. The game, which is currently available on PC, sees Lucifer attempting to return to heaven and exact his revenge.

Kickstarter Check-In: Shujinkou, Fallen Angel, Sorcery Tempest

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at three ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. This edition features Rice Games’ Shujinkou, Matrioshka Games’ Fallen Angel, and Lionwing Publishing’s Sorcery Tempest.

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