Developed by Chinese studio Pixpil, Eastward follows two characters in a world falling into ruin. Combines adventure puzzle-solving, dungeon-crawling, and 1990s Japanese animation.

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Chucklefish Games
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Eastward: Octopia DLC Coming This Winter

Pixpil and Chucklefish revealed a DLC expansion for adventure RPG Eastward. The DLC appears to have a much more relaxing feel than the base game, adding farming-sim elements as Sam and John repair a farm in a parallel world.

Eastward Out Now

Pixpil and Chucklefish Games’ Eastward is now available. The adventure RPG follows John and Sam as they journey through a world that is falling into ruin.

Eastward Gets 25-Minute Gameplay Video

After a quieter period, Chucklefish and Pixpil have provided lots of gameplay footage for Eastward. The adventure RPG is planned to launch later this year on PC, Mac, and Switch.

Nintendo Shows Some Upcoming Indie Titles

Nintendo hosted an Indie World Showcase broadcast today, during which the company highlighted a number of indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch. The video featured a number of RPGs including Eastward, Torchlight II, Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, and SkellBoy.

New Eastward Gameplay Video

From the publisher of Stardew Valley comes Eastward, a post-apocalyptic tale. A miner and a mysterious girl must work together to uncover the secrets of her origin.

Chucklefish Announces Eastward

Eastward is a new adventure RPG being created by three-man Chinese studio Pixpil. The game draws visual inspiration from 1990s Japanese animation and takes place in a world falling into ruin.