New Eastward Gameplay Video

British publisher Chucklefish and developer Pixpil have combined efforts to create Eastward, an RPG that mixes puzzle-solving, dungeon-crawling, and exploration. After being announced earlier this year, a fifteen-minute demo video has been released, showcasing the unique character actions used to solve the game’s multitude of puzzles.

Eastward tells the story of a dying world and a dwindling human population. The main characters are a miner named John and a mysterious girl named Sam, who John finds while exploring deep underground. In the demo video John is seen swinging around a frying pan which he uses for combat and to solve puzzles. Switching to Sam sees the young girl utilizing long-range attacks that can also be used to hit switches from distance. The game is inspired by Japanese animation from the ’90s. Eastward is set to be released on PC and Mac, but no release date has been announced yet.



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