Mirthwood Details Storytellers and NPC Mortality

Developer Bad Ridge Games revealed more details about its upcoming life simulation RPG Mirthwood. The game will feature storytellers impacting each playthrough and a mortality system for NPCs. This reveal came with the release of a demo as part of the Steam Survival Crafting Fest.

Players selects a storyteller at the start of the game, which generates events such as the weather change, the appearance of travelling merchants, the affliction of an NPC by lycanthropy, and more. The choice of the storyteller affects the game’s difficulty and offers a different experience with each playthrough.

In Mirthwood, NPCs can permanently die from various causes including famine, illness, and severe wounds. Even the characters in a relationship with the protagonist are susceptible to meet their end. These deaths affect the narrative, the in-game economy, and many other aspects. The deceased are eventually replaced by new NPCs with whom the player can create new relationships.

Mirthwood puts players in the role of a refugee from a war-torn continent, and sees them select their own path in the open world through the RPG’s non-linear progression. Available activities and goals include building up a homestead complete with farm, generating produce to sell to the local town or trade with others, and exploring forests and ruins while taking on formidable creatures. The game will also include a relationship system leading to rewards, quests, and potentially romance. Mirthwood is planned to release on PC (via Steam) in Q3 2024. Those interested in reading more about this title can check Sarah McGarr’s impression from PAX West 2023.



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