Star Ocean: The Second Story R Update Released

Square Enix has released a free update for action RPG Star Ocean: The Second Story R. The Version 1.10 update is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. The update includes the addition of a new dynamic difficulty level, Chaos mode. It also includes a new feature to let players fight against individual members of the Ten Wise Men as Raid Enemies after they have completed the main story, with each foe having its own unique special attack. After defeating each of the Ten Wise Men, players will receive a Jewel that can summon that foe using the game’s Assault Action system.

Other additions include new character art for the NPCs Regis, Allen, Mariana, Eleanor, Clyde, and Leifath that is used for in-various game events. Plus, players will also now be able to view any ending patterns that they have unlocked with the new Ending Collection under the main menu’s Special option. New Game+ also now has an option to let players reset the character levels but keep obtained items. Finally, there are an assortment of new weapons, equipment, and character accessories available after completing them in storyline.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R is a remake of the second game in the series, which was originally developed by tri-Ace and released for PlayStation in Japan in 1999, North America in 2000, and Europe in 2001, with a PlayStation Portable remaster — Star Ocean: Second Evolution — later released worldwide. The Star Ocean: The Second Story R remake features 2.5D graphics with full Japanese and English voice overs, original and re-arranged music, new battle mechanics, and more. The game follows two main protagonists: Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford. Claude is a lieutenant with the Pangalactic Federation who becomes trapped on the medieval-technology planet of Expel. Rena is a native of Expel who has extraordinary healing powers. Those looking to read more about the game can check out Sam Wachter’s review of its PlayStation 5 version.




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