Dungeon Full Dive Gets Two Editions

Developer TxK Gaming Studios announced virtual tabletop RPG Dungeon Full Dive will be available in two editions: Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition and Dungeon Full Dive: Game Master Edition. The Game Master Edition is the original Dungeon Full Dive released on October 24, 2023, for PC (via Steam), while the Player Edition is a free version of the game set to release in mid 2024.

The Player Edition, featuring less content than the Game Master Edition, is intended to allow players to experience Dungeon Full Dive “without any financial commitment”. The Game Master Edition will receive a price adjustment after the release of the Player Edition, from $29.99 to $49.99. According to the developer, this price increase will reflect “the enhanced value and comprehensive features” offered by the Game Master Edition to support its continued development and ensure a rich and involving gameplay experience for all users.

Dungeon Full Dive lets players implement their own campaigns and stories — creating their own 3D maps, characters, and monsters — with players able to switch between top-down and first-person views. It features game mechanics and stat integration for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.


Mohamed Lamine Coulibaly

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