Pokémon Legends: Z-A Announced

The Pokémon Company held a new Pokémon Presents, marking 28 years since the launch of the original Pokémon games. The presentation featured the reveal of a brand new entry in the franchise, Pokémon Legends: Z-A. The game is planned to release worldwide for Nintendo Switch in 2025.

Pokémon Legends: Z-A is a follow-up to 2021’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which provided a fully 3D experience set in the past of the Sinnoh region from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Pokémon Legends: Z-A instead returns players to Pokémon X and Ys Kalos region, where Lumiose City is undergoing an urban redevelopment plan intended to “shape the city into a place that belongs to both people and Pokémon”. No other details or gameplay footage has been revealed at this time.

In other Pokémon news announced during the presentation, Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket is a new app that acts as a digital adaptation of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Players will be able to open booster packs and collect cards with various visual effects, as well as participate in battles featuring streamlined rules from the trading card game. Up to two booster packs will be available to open every day at no cost. Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket will be available as a free-to-start app for iOS and Android in 2024. Elsehwere, there will be new events coming to Pokémon GO, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon UNITE, Pokémon Masters EX, and Pokémon Café ReMix.




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