More Metaphor: ReFantazio Story Elements, Screenshots Revealed

Atlus provided more details and screenshots for its upcoming fantasy RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio. The new update provides more information on the game’s story and setting, as well as showing some of its gameplay elements. Although full details on the combat have not been announced, Atlus states that it will blend real-time action and turn-based commands, while other gameplay will utilise elements of the Persona calendar system.

Metaphor: ReFantazio is set in the United Kingdom of Euchronia, which is made up of three constituent countries populated by eight different tribes. The world has magic that defies the laws of nature, but using magic requires a special tool called an igniter, which itself requires a licence to possess and use. However, the protagonist and his allies develop the ability to use magic without an igniter. These powers are referred to as Archetypes and awaken by facing one’s fear and anxiety.



The eight tribes of Euchronia have their own physical and cultural characteristics, with the divisions between tribes said to largely revolve around those cultural differences. The eight tribes are as follows:

  • Clemar — The most populous tribe, who have horns on both sides of their head as their most distinctive physical trait. The royal family and many prominent officials are members of the tribe. They value freedom and cultivating discussion, even if it leads to potential conflict.
  • Roussaint — The second most populous tribe, known for their long pointed ears and powerful physiques. Many work in the military and they are known for being competitive.
  • Rhoag — Though they reach adolescence at the same pace as other tribes, they have a longer life span than other tribes, sometimes living more than twice as long. They value seniority and passing down knowledge, including remembering favours and holding grudges, and many apply unique cultural markings to their faces.
  • Ishkia — The least populous of the eight tribes, they are recognised by wings, almond eyes, and long eyelashes. Renowned for their intelligence, many hold positions in academia or other establishments, though some of them are known to speak down upon others and thus are resented by others in turn.
  • Nidia — Known for their iridescent eyes and hair, they are often sociable and happy to flatter others. However, this has also led to a reputation of being untrustworthy and eccentric.
  • Paripus — They have many variations in hair and skin colour not seen in other tribes, as well as bestial ears and tails. They are often physically adept and happy to make their feelings known and engage in festivities. This has led to them being looked down upon and being prevented from earn prominent political roles.
  • Mustari — They are recognised by their third eye and often don masks and their own cultural clothing. Although fairly numerous, they aren’t seen in much of the kingdom as most of them live in an archipelago in Euchronia’s inland sea.
  • Elda — The protagonist’s tribe. A rare tribe regarded as tainted because of their inherited magic.



Metaphor: ReFantazio features humans, but in monstrous forms inspired by the works of Renaissance era artist Hieronymus Bosch. These creatures rampage through the land. Despite being in an apparent berserk state and showing little intelligence, they can wield advanced magic, with certain creatures able to wipe out entire armies on their own. They come in different forms: Homo Gorleo is a form with many limbs, as well as wings, and single-handedly annihilated a fortress’s garrison, while Homo Avades features an enormous eggshell-like body and is capable of levelling a city.

Founded by a hero-king, Euchronia has been governed by a strong royal family that inherited powerful magic throughout the years as it expanded to annex its neighbouring countries. However, corruption, inequality, and discrimination have steadily spread, with the land outside of its cities known to be dangerous thanks to the marauding humans. The game begins with its king and crown prince supposedly assassinated. In order to fill the power vacuum, a special spell is cast that announces a tournament for the throne, where the person who has earned the most faith of the citizens as of the October Day of the Hero will be granted the throne.



Meanwhile, the protagonist is on his own journey to lift the curse that befell the crown prince ten years prior. The curse draining the prince’s life is said to only be breakable by taking the life of the person who cast it. The protagonist is joined by the fairy Galica, who is too small to participate in battle, but aids the protagonist with her great knowledge of magic and ability to sense “magla”. Other allies include Strohl, a young clemar who meets the protagonist in an army recruitment centre; Hulkenberg, a roussaint knight who was previously the prince’s personal guard; and Heismay, a eugief who has great perception thanks to his sensitivity to sound.

Metaphor: ReFantazio was initially teased in 2016 under the code name “Project Re Fantasy” and is being developed by the studio behind the recent Persona titles. The game is planned to release in fall 2024 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.



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