Tactical RPG Beaten Path Announced

Developer Peacebreak Studio announced its debut title, Beaten Path. The game is turn-based tactical RPG in development for PC. It is available to wishlist on Steam and the Epic Games Store, with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign also planned.

Beaten Path follows veteran mage Shim and her student Panna as they journey through a shattered world. Only a handful of islands remain after a force made up of embodients of humanity’s worst aspects, known as the Grarl, ripped through it. However, after being sealed away for a hundred years, the Grarl now threaten to return, with Shim and Panna leading a quest to defeat them.

The game will feature over twenty battle maps, which utilise a hex-based grid. There will be a mixture of win and loss conditions, with each character having their own class, abilities, and skill trees. Players will able to set up follow-up attacks as well as rewind to previous turns.




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