Open World RPG The Bloodline Coming to Steam Early Access in October

Publishing label HOOK announced it has partnered with solo developer Shieldbearer Studios for the release of The Bloodline. The game is an open-world fantasy action RPG and is set to release on Steam Early Access on October 5, 2023. It is expected to spend around a year in Early Access.

The Bloodline puts players in the role of divine protectors of the land of Eudros, but it is up to them if they wish to follow that role. Given the power of foresight by their bloodline, players see a potential future where the land is devastated by the marching armies of the Unforgiven. Players can follow various questlines or freely roam the world to find their own opportunities, while forming bonds between people, constructing their own village, and more.

Each of the game’s various actions, including jumping, climbing, and swimming, has its own associated level, with over 500 skills available to unlock in total. Players are also able to craft gadgets and equipment, fish, cook, brew potions, and more. Players can also use their foresight to witness events set to happen in the near future and plan their adventures and actions accordingly.




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